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Reiki in the Digital Age – A Virtual Reiki Box!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on this blog…most of my current posts finding their way to my Not in India Blog at Not In India or of course my India Journals when I find myself in India at: My India Journals

But something has come along which suits this blog perfectly.

I haven’t written anything new about my Reiki adventures for some time as well, but here is the perfect place to present this lovely new idea to you.

If you have been working with Reiki for any length of time, you are most probably familiar with the concept of a Reiki Box for long distance healing work, when requests from several or even many people are involved.  I have always had a special container into which I place all requests for long distance healing and then can conveniently just Reiki the entire contents of the box a couple of times a day.  And it is something small enough to easily carry around with me.  Inside I simply place a hand written note which I write myself for certain requests, but generally prefer that the person requesting the healing energies do his own part and take responsibility for the healing, by sending me a written request by email with as many details as possible regarding the request.  Even a photo if the healing is for a third party who I do not know. I can then print out the email and place it into the Reiki Box.

So , following that idea, today I came up with a modern version of the Reiki Box which I love for a couple of very practical reasons.  Number one:  It saves paper!!  Always a concern in this day and age.  Secondly, I don’t have to carry anything additional around with me that I normally wouldn’t  .  So, what is this magical new idea which came to me?

Using any sort of digital device which is with you at all times these days (your IPad, IPhone, Galaxy etc., smartphone, or in my case my new tablet since MY smartphone is not all that smart!!)…   I simply set up a folder called Reiki Box, and collect in it all the requests.  They can be notes which I have handwritten on the notepad, or copies of emails people have sent to me, but without having to print any of them on actual paper.  And then of course, I simply Reiki the folder,same as I would the actual box.  It is so easy as these devices, especially the phone, is something which everyone now carries with them, and both energy and time saving as well.

Hope you like this idea….would love to hear your comments.  I still haven’t figured out how to move the folder from My Documents to the actual Home Page, but it is simple enough to access when I need it so no big deal.  If anyone out there knows how to put an icon for the folder on the Home Page, I’d love to hear from you. Mine is an android tablet if that helps

Happy digital reiki long distance healing to all!!  🙂


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December 17, 2009 – Angel Medicine, Crystal-Clear Intentions About my Soulmate, Sunlight and Messages

I haven’t written in quite some time as my efforts have been going into my India Journal, which you might want to check out at:





Reading the Angel Medicine book is proving to be a very powerful awakening for one of many things that I know deep inside but never connected with previously. In addition, I am receiving strong confirmations for my routine daily practices and healing “techniques” which I have come to practice by following guidance from my guides, angels and ascended masters over the years.
The more I am cleansed by the panchakarma, the more room there is for personal growth on deeper levels than ever before.
The book has written about the effects of sunlight and this connects up with what I learned so many years ago in Soul Love…of the sun being the soul of the universe and the immense power of sunlight in helping us connect, and stay connected with our soul’s needs. It also speaks of the importance for (more…)

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While beginning the planning of my next sojourn in India, I realized that regular readers of my blogs must be under the impression that nothing inspirational, thought provoking or exciting happens to me when I am back in Israel!

Well, the opposite is true. Every single day is an amazing adventure, a mystery waiting to unfold in amazing and quite surprising ways, full of synchronicities, messages and blessings. The reason I do so little posting while in Israel, is simply that I have less time to dedicate to my blog and so these articles, which are just waiting to be posted, accumulate in my notebook and in my head to the point where I don’t know where to begin first…right now there are AT LEAST 4 I would like to share with you. I will begin with the current place in my life and work my way back, but the posts will deal with the following which start from the most recent and work their way back:

1. My moving to a new flat
2. The story of my teaching Reiki to someone from Moscow who found me on the internet!
3. The Retreat I went to “by chance”, meeting my Guides and the messages channeled to me.
4. The Passing of my dear friend Abdellah
5. The idea of “Fear and Faith…you can’t have both”

And of course all the subsequent messages and lessons learnt from each of the above.

Soooo….let’s begin with the “simple” fact that I am moving to a new flat in a month’s time! (more…)

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thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyselfleviticus 19:18

If we look at this, as it is worded in the fourth of the Reiki Principles, it appears to be fairly straightforward. It is pretty obvious to us that one of the most important things in this world is to love and respect others, show compassion and tolerance, patience and understanding etc. We also know that we must be kind to EVERY living being and this would of course include animals, insects, plants etc., etc.

The original wording of the principle as stated by Dr. Usui is slightly different, but the message is more easily understood with the above paraphrase which I prefer using in my Reiki classes and in my own daily meditation practice.

And the profoundness of the principle, if we truly think about it, opens the door to an entirely new way of perceiving the ups and downs of our lives, of relating to instances where we feel we have been wronged by someone, or taken advantage of, even purposely hurt or embarrassed, or injured in any way. Of relating to the different people who come into our lives and the way we accept and embrace all that is sent our way by God and the Universe.

In addition, if we add just two small words to the above principle, it changes the impact and intent even more deeply. Just for Today I will Love and Respect Every Living Creature…INCLUDING MYSELF!! If we do not truly love ourselves, how can we possibly love and respect our neighbor??

I will try and give insights into the following two questions (more…)

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Hi All, Sorry to have deserted you but wasn’t sure anyone would notice. It’s only since several of you have asked that I’m writing to let you know what’s been going on for the past few weeks and why I haven’t continued my postings on Reiki. Two of my daughters and their families have relocated, one from the city to the country, another coming back after 3 years of work abroad, and I spent several days with each of them helping them move in and organize their new homes. At the same time, my father is still going through a serious crisis after being, regretably, placed in a permanent nursing care unit. It will take him time to adjust but his complete dependence on others has taken a great toll and it is very difficult to see him, care for him etc. And of course, my Mother has been deeply effected by this as well. They have spent their entire life together as a couple, meeting each other something like 75 years ago and being married for 65 years. And the last 30+ years they have been retired and have spent every single day together just about all the time. The separation for them, beyond the difficult state my father is in, would be enough to create a serious emotional crisis leading to physical symptoms. It is like have part of your body ripped out. But they are both in the same assisted living building, my Mother in her own apartment still, and Father just downstairs, and they are both learning to come to terms with the situation. What the entire past year has created for all of us however, including myself, without our even being aware of it, is a chronic state of stress which has pretty much lasted for about 1 1/2 years actually, and only now have I understand the debilitating effect it has created in my life, on all levels, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. It has been devastating and only this week did I realize to what extent it has effected me. I am now working things through and putting myself “back together” as well…including going to the gym, (in addition to my daily practices of yoga, pranayama, meditation and Reiki) and, finally, working on my India Journals blog. All of the above has taken up my energies, both physically and mentally, and have therefore not posted anything new here all this time. My apologies….but part of the living in the now is living in the now! And doing what is right at each moment…flowing…learning…understanding…creating new ways of dealing and always opening the new doors of opportunity which present themselves to us along the way…no matter how twisted and complicated it may seem sometimes. So, if you are interested in seeing what I’ve done so far on the India Journals (about 1/2 way finished but no photos yet)…and also a very interesting sum up post of Lesson’s Learnt from my travels at the beginning of the blog…you can do so by following this link: Jane’s India Journals Hope to get back to my regular blog entries shortly. My love to all Jane

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