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It has been quite a long time since I have posted anything here and I ask for your understanding. Many things have been happening in my life since my return just two months ago from India, and I will be posting more often now, hopefully giving you all much food for thought. What I am attaching here is a story I received from a participant in one of my Reiki I workshops designed especially for Conventional Health Care Professionals to allow them to facilitate the use of Reiki in their hospitals and clinical settings. This participant was probably the MOST skeptical person I have ever had in any workshop I’ve ever given, so when I received her letter, it was even more moving for me. She is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), and BPharm MSc. She has given me permission to translate the letter from the original Hebrew and to share it with the world. (more…)


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Reiki, and its effects, are cumulative. Done on a regular, continuing basis, it will keep dis-ease from developing, and if it has already developed, will remove it at the source.

If you begin a series of 3 consecutive treatments, the first one simply leaves you with a feeling of complete relaxation, as it is beginning to remove blockages by removing their source, which is very frequently, stress. (Some estimate [The American Institute of stress for example], that 95% of doctors visits are stress related). Releasing stress, hence the relaxed feeling after a Reiki treatment.

If you continue, the second consecutive treatment the following day brings those issues being addressed to the surface and the third begins the true detoxification and removal of the issues which are causing the blockages, and could lead to disease, or have already precipitated disease.

If you do just one treatment, the initial results, removal of stress, are the same, but the cumulative effects take much longer to achieve as compared to consecutive daily treatments.

Many people cannot allow themselves the luxury of several daily treatments, logistically or financially and so at best, do a treatment once a week or even less frequently, as conditions allow.

Therefore, learning Reiki yourself is the ultimate way of maintaining good health and preventing disease, as well as relieving chronic conditions which you may already suffer from.

See the next post for a series of Reiki stories from people who have recently done Reiki I workshops with me.

If you would like to receive further information by e-mail, just write to me.

My best wishes to you and your family for the New Year. Much good health, prosperity, peace and tranquility, balance and harmony, patience and understanding, and most important, love and laughter.


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I have posted a couple of things you may find interesting on my India Journal and the links follow. They say God works in Mysterious Ways but there is nothing mysterious about what is happening to me here…receiving channelings for other people, instructions for healings, and now the following two stories about Reiki, are all direct results of my intensive prayers and meditations over the past months that all those in need of my special services be guided to me. And they are!! They just come…and I serve…in the best way I can, for each of their individual, unique, Higher Goods, according to the guidance and direction I am given in each case, without fail. The messages and signs have been coming in many different and unusual ways, but when we listen, they are always there. From the moment we ask with pure intention for something, things begin to happen. We just need be aware of them.

So enjoy the following 2 links with my love.

Setting things in Motion

Reiki Classes

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