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It has been quite some time since I’ve been here, and I will not try right now to bring this blog up to date with the events of the past 6 months or so…that I will do my best to accomplish over the next few weeks.
But yesterday, during my morning meditation, I was given the following guidance/message: “Start reading your blog randomly, on a daily basis, and begin posting to Facebook”!. Don’t quite understand the Facebook part but this evening I DID open my blog and begin to choose random posts.
The second one I chose was this:

Soul Mate and Tarot

After reading this post, I remembered a very recent reading I did for myself, just about 2 weeks ago, (on May 12th to be precise) which once again found me dealing with the issue of finding my soul mate. I thought it would be interesting to share it here as it is so similar to the previous one dealing with the same issue, from December 19, 2009. I continue to put my efforts into bringing this vision into reality, but there are times when my patience fail me and I need further support and encouragement. Which is precisely what happened here….

You can see the cards I chose 5 months ago by going to the link above. And here, with their message, are the cards I chose 2 weeks ago!. I was urged to check the cards during my morning meditation, right after realizing that May 12th is my father’s birthday (he passed away 3 1/2 years ago, but is still with me). I wished him a happy birthday and in reply he said to me: “It is now YOUR turn! – MAKE IT WORK!” (yes, he was shouting a little)…not quite understanding what he was referring to, I then followed the guidance I was given and opened the cards. Here they are:
LAXSHMI- BRIGHT FUTURE: Stop worrying-everything is going to be fine
MOTHER MARY – EXPECT A MIRACLE: Have Faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered
ABUNDANTIA-PROSPERITY: The Universe is pouring its abundance out to you – be open to receiving

ISABELLA: Yes, the timing is right for this new venture – a happy outcome follows your positive expectations
ARCHANGEL URIEL: Your emotions are healing which enables you to open to greater love
CARESSA: You are at the end of a cycle in your life. Happiness awaits you now

And an extra card which fell out of the deck by itself:
ISAIAH: It is a good time to give birth to new ideas and situations in your life – I am watching over you, guiding you and protecting you during these changes.

Some of you may understand the cards as referring to a new business adventure, a new course of study, moving to a new home, finding a new job etc., but for me, this is just further affirmation that my moving forward in every way possible towards coming together with my soul mate, is precisely what I should be doing at this point in time.

Love light and JOY to all


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Messages from the Angels- 01-10-2010…don’t know, but this date looks cryptic, doesn’t it?
I’ve been working intensely with the issue of soul mate/life partner for quite some time and it all finally surfaced in a gentle and loving way while doing panchakarma this year. The process was extremely deep and all those things still deeply entrenched in my subconscious, which were keeping me from manifesting this dream into reality all these years, were finally released. Through dreams, meditation, music and many other subtle but powerful ways, I not only understood what had prevented manifestation until now, but was also able to easily “let-go” and finally find myself in a place of acceptance and complete freedom from fear.
I have been working now with this each and every day and feeling the true emotional reality more and more deeply and for me, it seems to be a “done deal”. This evening, I was urged to do a card reading, and it just confirmed all I’ve been feeling but in such a lovely, and loving way, that I would like to share it with you.

While I began the reading, I was playing music randomly on my computer, and a beautiful love song began playing, in Hebrew. One of the phrases in the song refers to being “enveloped in love” and this concept is so beautifully said, and was the perfect setting for the reading which followed (I personally NEVER ask for specific issues to be dealt with in card readings and always trust that whatever it is I need to know or do at the time will be revealed to me through the messages channeled via the cards. And I was not disappointed this time:
Here are the cards I picked and a short message from each: First the Goddess Cards:

WHITE TARA: …you’ve stripped away the outer protective layers of unneeded defences which block you….
SEKMET: As you rise above the old tendencies and see yourself in the new light of beautiful feminine strength, your life will automatically shift in miraculous ways.
In addition, TWO cards having to deal with abundance “jumped out” together!:
PROSPERITY AND INFINITE SUPPLY: …be open to receiving…
…you are supplied for today and all o0f your tomorrows:

And now the Angel Cards:

DANIEL: I am the angel of marriage and I am assisting you right now!
SEREPHINA: I am the angel of families. A happy change or addition is coming to your family. This happy change is Divinely ordered. Surrender your worries to God…
ISABELLA: This one was so perfect, I will copy its message almost in its entirety:
Yes, the timing is right for this new venture. A happy outcome follows your positive expectations.
In answer to your question…yes, this situation is everything you hoped it would be…pray for angelic assistance along the way. Even ideal situations require adjustments as you move forward. However, we angels see smooth sailing with this decision. …favorable…timing…Several pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. You have learned invaluable lessons that have prepared you. Your patience has paid off…Take bold steps, while listening to the wise guidance of your heart as you move along fearlessly!

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To all those who have been wondering where I’ve disappeared to, and to those of you who know I am in India “recharging”…but still perhaps wondering why I haven’t posted anything lately…well, let me clear things up.

For the last couple of months before leaving for India, I had many insights for posts for this blog having to do with the question of “fear vs. faith”, taking our blessings for granted, additional Reiki stories etc…but never seemed to be able to find the energies to sit down at the computer. But I figured I’d have plenty of time in India and so did not feel pressured.
But since I’ve gotten here, I have done NONE of things I imagined I would (but this is generally what happens in India…things just “happen”…generally quite differently than you imagined…and you flow with them…it’s the beauty of being here).

But NOT doing these things I felt I “had to”, was really getting me down, and feeling guilty, and not pleased with myself. Thinking what my subscribers must be thinking of me, thinking how I am letting people down etc. And yet I still could not get to “doing”…so I asked for guidance, as I very often do. Yesterday,I bought a couple of new decks of cards as you might know if you read my other blog, and last night, before going to sleep, after consecrating and preparing the decks, I decided to try my new “Messages from your Angels” deck.

The first card that came up had the following message which has completely released me from guilt and the “must do” feeling…I will cherish each day of the last few weeks I have here and , as always, am blessed in many ways to be so lovingly guided at each step along the way

“Time out! You’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, but now it’s time to stop and take care of yourself”

and the continuing message reads:
“Dear one, you’ve been working very hard! You’re very tired now, yet you keep pushing yourself to work more, more, more! I am here to firmly and lovingly take your hand, and tell you to “stop!” Cease working for a moment and take a respite. You have certainly earned it, and you will be more efficient and productive after taking this rest.

You give so much to others that at times like this you become unbalanced. Your inner child yearns for nurturing, and no one is going to give you that loving care but yourself and the angels. So, give yourself permission to take a much-needed time-out. Please don’t delay this guidance. We assure you that your responsibilities will all be met, and you will gather new energy and ideas during your time-out. “

So, the message is absolutely clear, and I WILL listen carefully to it and devote the rest of my time here ENTIRELY to me.

Love and light to all

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I will continue this post in the same vein as the previous 2, the Message from the Trees and the First Lesson from India and Poem, as it is a continuation of these two previous signs sent to me and is a final validation for what I now know to be my new direction…

Friday Afternoon, March 9th, 5 PM

After the profound events of the past couple of days, and my reviewing them while posting earlier in the day…after not sleeping most of the previous night, I am exhausted.

Sitting on my terrace, listening to classical music and the constant chanting fromt he Temples, I decided it was time for a new Tarot reading relection this new move forward in my understanding and the “path” I am now moving along. I opened the cards and found myself moved to tears as each came up. For those familiar with the Osho cards, I’m sure just the titles will move you as well, but I will give a little background further on for those unfamiliar with the cards.

The order they were picked represents their placement and each card has a different meaning within the reading, but that is not as important as the cards themselves right now…so if you don’t understand about the placement, it will not make the cards themselves any less amazing as they fell into place…here they are in order:


I tried to photograph them with my camera but had no luck…wish you could look at them while reading this post…

I was simply brought to tears of joy as they appeared one after the other, without even delving further into their meanings…I will give you a little idea of what each card speaks of, but the words which keep repeating themselves in these cards are the exact words in my poem and lesson: Trust, knowledge, knwoing, truth, obstacles…Read below for a little more about the cards.

Just as I was choosing these cards, another sign was sent to me….The sky had been overcast and hazy all day today. Not nasty, just hiding the clear blue of the sky – the clarity of the heavens. Just as I opened these cards, the heavens cleared. The haze cleared and formed into puffy white clouds which drifted apart to reveal the clarity of the sky. The puffs of clouds are almost pink on the pale blue of the sky at sunset. Clearer and bluer than it has been since monring. a further final validation of all that has been “clarified” for me in many differnt ways. The Truth being revelaed through the haze.

To the Cards:
THE FOOL is the very first card in the deck. “…with every steop, the Fool leaves the past behind…he is in harmony with all that surrounds him. His intuition is functioning at its peak. …the fool has the support of the Univers to make this jump into the unknown. Adventures await him in the river of life. This card indicates that if you trust your intuition right now, your feeling of the “rightness” of things, you cannot go wrong. Your actions may appear foolish to others,…if trying to analyze them with the rational mind. But the “zero”(the number of this card) place occupied by the Fool is the numberless number where trust and innocence are the guides, not skepticism and past experience.”

“…all you need to do is relax right where you are, and be willing for it to happen. … It is simply the right time.”


“…move inside. There, you can relax into your own deepest Truth, where the difference between dreams and reality is already known.”


“The Queen of Water brings a time of unboundedness and gratitidue for whatever life brings, without any expectations or demands. Neither duty or thought of merit or reward are important. Sensitivity, intuition and compassion are the qualities that shine forth now, dissolving all the obstacles that keep us separate from each other and from the whole.”


Just interesting to note here that the first card I picked is the FIRST card of the Tarot deck, and the last card I picked is the LAST card of the TAROT deck…giving even further meaning to this reading…perfect beginning and end.

“…has come to a time of centeredness and expansivenss….all of life’s experiences have brought him to this time of perfection…this moment carries a gift-for hard work well donw. Your base is solid now and success and good fortune are yours for they are the outcome of what has already been experienced within”.

And that’s it for now….I am still living in a glow, surrounded completely by the love of God and the Universe, my Guides and the Angels who are always with me.

I am truly blessed.

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