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Was directed to this post while reading my own random posts (which I do when guided to do so), and once again reminded of this important message (posted just 3 months ago)…and guided to repost it here as well. Would love to hear your thoughts as well. Enjoy!

Not In India

From this place of quiet contentment, this place of knowing and acceptance, the messages are always given the opportunity to find their way easily to my inner wisdom.

I have always found this clarity of vision while inIndia, but it has alluded me this year while here at home.  Channeled messages are always part of my sojourns in India, so receiving the following message early this morning, brought great comfort and joy into my life-more on this following the message:

You no longer need to strive. You have moved beyond the place of having to put so much constant effort into your continuing journey. After many years of hard work, you have earned the privilege of sitting back and enjoying the ride. You only need to allow yourself to flow, without resistance, wherever the current takes you.

If you can relax into this flow it will…

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“Just for today I will experience all in complete acceptance, joy, gratitude and freedom from fear”

Every morning, during my prayer/meditation session, I repeat the 5 Reiki principles :

Just for today…

-I will not worry

-I will not get angry

-I will count my many blessings

-I will love and respect every living creature (including myself)

-I will do an honest days work (on myself)

*scroll down to the end of the post for links to further information and articles re: the above

Over the past year I have been guided during a loving channeling session, to add an additional affirmation to these:

“Just for today I will experience all in complete acceptance, joy, and freedom from fear”

It’s meaning is obvious, but powerful!

Acceptance:  knowing everything is happening for my Higher Good in the best possible way

Joy – happy that it has been sent to me , again, for my Higher Good at this time

Freedom from Fear – without fear of what it is or what it’s consequences for the future mean…in complete Faith that it is part of Divine plan and overview.

[just now, as I write, I have been instructed to add “in gratitude” to this statement. For obvious reasons as well.  I am thankful for your love and care in sending this thing to me. So the full statement , as of today, is:

“Just for today I will experience all in complete acceptance, joy, gratitude and freedom from fear”

I’ve always said this in the morning along with the 5 principles, but have recently been guided to repeat them at night as well and couldn’t understand why until just the other day.

Saying it all at the beginning of the day puts us in a place of mindfulness about everything we do during the day.  So why at night?.

Well, something happened to me a few days ago which had me doubting, worrying, fearing and feeling confused – something which hasn’t happened to me in a long time.  I could not stop wondering and contemplating and concerning myself with the reasons for this particular occurrence the entire day. I was literally driving myself crazy all day thinking about the why’s and how’s.  And then night time rolled around, and it was then that I was literally “forced” to repeat the statements before going to sleep.  And as I did, I realized that the whole day I had NOT been aware of what I was doing…falling back into “worry mode” – into concerning myself with things which I should leave to God and the Universe – into forgetting my Faith and allowing my fears to take over.  And once I realized this – I fell into a peaceful and blissful sleep and awoke KNOWING for sure that all was well and would work out exactly as suited my Higher Good – but only if I could release my own ego’s attempt to control things and “figure them out”.

-How can I do this now?

-This is not what I planned or had in mind

-Maybe I will be too tired now while doing panchakarma to take on this work

-what if I don’t do it properly because I am not prepared?

-How will I find the time

-etc., etc., etc.

These are all actually none of my concern!  If something is sent to me, it is a “done deal” (if I allow it to be), everything having been worked out completely from beginning to end in ways that I could never imagine.  My human thinking being too limited to imagine the “how’s”.

Once I removed my ego from the issue, all things just began to flow easily, allowing me to just “sit back and relax”, while the events played themselves out in their own proper time and their own proper way.

If I had not repeated the statements before going to sleep that night, I would not have caught myself and the trap I had fallen into during the day, and would have had a sleepless night for sure-perhaps even continuing to plague me the following day.

I now repeat at night as well, to take a good look at the day and my actions and reactions to events.  And in the event that I have lost my balance in any way, I can come back to center, release all that is unnecessary, and sleep calming through the night.

Don’t forget to check out the links below for further insights!

Further explanation re: Reiki Principles:


Two of my published articles further discussing the Reiki Principles of Worry, and Love and Respect, which you can read online:



With love light and JOY






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Living in India 2009– How a Dream Becomes a Reality

So many people have asked me how I have managed to arrange my life so that I can spend 6 months a year in India, that I’ve decided to write about it as there hopefully are lessons for others to learn from this as well.

I have done some thinking about the whole concept of turning dreams into reality. It is a fairly simple concept actually, but seeing it truly work is the amazing part. When we have a focused intention and can visualize it, and then release it completely to God and the Universe, our new reality begins to be created for us. The catch here is that we must TOTALLY release it, in complete Faith, knowing that it will be taken care of. The “how’s” are well beyond our human capabilities to imagine.

If we continue to “second-guess” the wisdom of the Universe, or mix fear into the equation, we sabotage the final outcome.

Asking each day for the best possible outcome to our prayers, our dreams, for our Higher Good and the Higher Good of all who come in contact with us, on all levels – asking for openness to accept and embrace ALL that comes our way in COMPLETE FREEDOM FROM FEAR – asking for the wisdom to “hear” all the messages we receive – is all we need to do to insure the successful manifestation of our dreams into reality.

In 2001, at the age of 54, when I quit my high paying job in hi-tech (more…)

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“At the center of the Universe is a loving heart that continues to beat and that wants the best for every person. Anything that we can do to help foster the intellect and spirit and emotional growth of our fellow human beings, that is our job. Those of us who have this particular vision must continue against all odds. Life is for service.”
— Fred Rogers (a.k.a., “Mister Rogers”) 1928-2003

After many attempts at putting my ideas and thoughts into words for both you and myself, I finally turned inward for Guidance and Direction and the same day receieved a beautiful article by e-mail, which I will simply share here with you with credit to the author. It says all that needs to be said about what we’ve been talking about for some time now, and how my homecoming has taken shape. You can read about the homecoming on the India Journal and see some photos as well. Enjoy!

What is surrender?

Is it subjugating your will?
Is it not caring what happens?
Is it giving up?
Well, not really.

In every situation, we have the option to act, to attempt change, to apply our will to the given situation. Sometimes that application of intent and energy bears fruit and sometimes it doesn’t. The trick is being able to discern when it is appropriate to act or push, and when it is appropriate to let go and surrender to the flow of life. Sometimes we give up too quickly and sometimes we refuse to surrender, even when surrender is the very thing that will set us free.
So when is it the right time for us to choose surrender? Let’s say you always wanted to be 5’ 8” tall. You get to 5’7” and that’s it. This is an example of karma that can’t be changed. Well sure, I suppose you could go have the bones of your legs stretched through surgical intervention, but why? Does it really matter that much?
Or perhaps you have a beautiful and expensive shirt that you wear to a party. Someone spills grape juice on it, and you can’t get it out. You can try and try, but it’s not going to be the same color again. Sure, you can let go of the fact that you can’t wear the shirt any more, but will it serve you to still be angry and the person who spilled it? Probably not. This is the principle of surrender; letting go of that which you can’t change. Being angry will never bring that shirt back.
Anger or frustration is a choice; a choice to be attached to things, beings or situations being a certain way. Through detachment we are free to have peace regardless of what is going on. This is true surrender. It is the path of grace. By making surrender a conscious choice through positive attitude, awareness and acceptance, we are able to gracefully set ourselves free from the things that we can’t change. This gives us more energy to apply to the things we can and should change.
This frame of mind is particularly pertinent to those of us who always want to be in control of a situation in order to be safe. Really, that tight rein on reality is only creating a smaller box of what we are willing to accept in our lives. When we become more spacious with the things that ultimately don’t matter for our bottom line, we are freer to have more peace and joy regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Really, it’s not the situation that ultimately affects us… it’s what we choose to do with it.
Where are you pushing against your life and resisting reality? How are you imposing your will on life instead of embracing life? By moving towards love instead of pressing against fear, you partner with life and the Divine as it is expresses itself through your life. When your eyes open to love, love is what you get to see and experience with more and more frequency.
May you have the graceful discernment to know when to accept what life is offering you, and when to act to create positive change. May you move towards love, and release your fear of life. May you live fully here and now, with the greatest bliss possible.

© Sylvia Brallier
Author of the award winning book,
Dancing in the Eye of Transformation, 10 Keys to Creative Consciousness

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