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December 21, 2009 – and the Privilege of Serving

While waiting to hear from my friend who was on her way back to Delhi to the hospital after being involved in a traffic accident on her way to Rishikesh, I had a meeting with two lovely girls who I had previously spoken to briefly, on separate occasions, and this time they came to visit me together. It was the perfect way to spend a couple of hours and would be thrilled if I could do this each and every day!
More and more highly advanced beings seem to be finding their way to me for assistance in their human forms…I am humbled and honored by the fact that the Universe finds me worthy to be of service to these amazing children of the new world…well beyond Indigos, they are crystals, rainbow and highly evolved, but so confused and disorientated. The are angelic beings in Human Form and are here to move the world forward on a new path. They are easily and freely connected with the astral world, with Higher Beings of Light and love, performing spontaneous healings, having out of body experiences, finding themselves in parallel universes at strange times (like while riding on a motorbike and loosing touch with the physical world for a period of time!), and all sorts of “weird” and fantastic experiences. And yet finding their day to day Human Life and relationships almost unbearably difficult at times. And while sitting with them, angelic beings surround me and THEIR guidance flows through me to these lovely human beings. It is an amazing feeling to be given the privilege of serving in this way and I am grateful for each and every one of these people who are guided to me. And of course the amazing outpouring of love and light I receive from them just by being in their presence is pure healing for ME!
I pray each and every day to continue to be Worthy of the trust God and the angels have placed in me, and to be continually given the guidance, direction and wisdom I need to serve well. My faith grows with each passing day, and the grace I feel for being a small part in the miracles occurring around me all the time, and for the small part I am allowed to play in the journeys of others.



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“At the center of the Universe is a loving heart that continues to beat and that wants the best for every person. Anything that we can do to help foster the intellect and spirit and emotional growth of our fellow human beings, that is our job. Those of us who have this particular vision must continue against all odds. Life is for service.”
— Fred Rogers (a.k.a., “Mister Rogers”) 1928-2003

After many attempts at putting my ideas and thoughts into words for both you and myself, I finally turned inward for Guidance and Direction and the same day receieved a beautiful article by e-mail, which I will simply share here with you with credit to the author. It says all that needs to be said about what we’ve been talking about for some time now, and how my homecoming has taken shape. You can read about the homecoming on the India Journal and see some photos as well. Enjoy!

What is surrender?

Is it subjugating your will?
Is it not caring what happens?
Is it giving up?
Well, not really.

In every situation, we have the option to act, to attempt change, to apply our will to the given situation. Sometimes that application of intent and energy bears fruit and sometimes it doesn’t. The trick is being able to discern when it is appropriate to act or push, and when it is appropriate to let go and surrender to the flow of life. Sometimes we give up too quickly and sometimes we refuse to surrender, even when surrender is the very thing that will set us free.
So when is it the right time for us to choose surrender? Let’s say you always wanted to be 5’ 8” tall. You get to 5’7” and that’s it. This is an example of karma that can’t be changed. Well sure, I suppose you could go have the bones of your legs stretched through surgical intervention, but why? Does it really matter that much?
Or perhaps you have a beautiful and expensive shirt that you wear to a party. Someone spills grape juice on it, and you can’t get it out. You can try and try, but it’s not going to be the same color again. Sure, you can let go of the fact that you can’t wear the shirt any more, but will it serve you to still be angry and the person who spilled it? Probably not. This is the principle of surrender; letting go of that which you can’t change. Being angry will never bring that shirt back.
Anger or frustration is a choice; a choice to be attached to things, beings or situations being a certain way. Through detachment we are free to have peace regardless of what is going on. This is true surrender. It is the path of grace. By making surrender a conscious choice through positive attitude, awareness and acceptance, we are able to gracefully set ourselves free from the things that we can’t change. This gives us more energy to apply to the things we can and should change.
This frame of mind is particularly pertinent to those of us who always want to be in control of a situation in order to be safe. Really, that tight rein on reality is only creating a smaller box of what we are willing to accept in our lives. When we become more spacious with the things that ultimately don’t matter for our bottom line, we are freer to have more peace and joy regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Really, it’s not the situation that ultimately affects us… it’s what we choose to do with it.
Where are you pushing against your life and resisting reality? How are you imposing your will on life instead of embracing life? By moving towards love instead of pressing against fear, you partner with life and the Divine as it is expresses itself through your life. When your eyes open to love, love is what you get to see and experience with more and more frequency.
May you have the graceful discernment to know when to accept what life is offering you, and when to act to create positive change. May you move towards love, and release your fear of life. May you live fully here and now, with the greatest bliss possible.

© Sylvia Brallier
Author of the award winning book,
Dancing in the Eye of Transformation, 10 Keys to Creative Consciousness

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Some extremely powerful things have been happening to me this trip, and I’d like, once again, to share them with you. If you are interested in this latest story, please follow this link:

New Insights

Namaste to all

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I have posted a couple of things you may find interesting on my India Journal and the links follow. They say God works in Mysterious Ways but there is nothing mysterious about what is happening to me here…receiving channelings for other people, instructions for healings, and now the following two stories about Reiki, are all direct results of my intensive prayers and meditations over the past months that all those in need of my special services be guided to me. And they are!! They just come…and I serve…in the best way I can, for each of their individual, unique, Higher Goods, according to the guidance and direction I am given in each case, without fail. The messages and signs have been coming in many different and unusual ways, but when we listen, they are always there. From the moment we ask with pure intention for something, things begin to happen. We just need be aware of them.

So enjoy the following 2 links with my love.

Setting things in Motion

Reiki Classes

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Rishikesh, India


Well, for those of you who have been following my travels over the past 6 years, you know that every trip holds certain lessons for me, and each trip is different in character and unique in the ways these lessons are shown to me.

This trip is no different of course, and, in spite of all the busyness of the past week (or perhaps because of it), I remained awake almost the whole night last night (and that is part of another story which will eventually follow on the India Journal), and while awake, some wonderful things and insights presented themselves to me. I will share them with you, but since they are more concerned with things other than travels, I am posting them on the Mindfulness Journal …I will try to keep this as chronological, consecutive and straightforward as possible, but please forgive me if things do not come completely together…

Let’s go back a little while, even before I left for India. In my prayer/meditation sessions each day I have been asking (more…)

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