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Reiki in the Digital Age – A Virtual Reiki Box!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on this blog…most of my current posts finding their way to my Not in India Blog at Not In India or of course my India Journals when I find myself in India at: My India Journals

But something has come along which suits this blog perfectly.

I haven’t written anything new about my Reiki adventures for some time as well, but here is the perfect place to present this lovely new idea to you.

If you have been working with Reiki for any length of time, you are most probably familiar with the concept of a Reiki Box for long distance healing work, when requests from several or even many people are involved.  I have always had a special container into which I place all requests for long distance healing and then can conveniently just Reiki the entire contents of the box a couple of times a day.  And it is something small enough to easily carry around with me.  Inside I simply place a hand written note which I write myself for certain requests, but generally prefer that the person requesting the healing energies do his own part and take responsibility for the healing, by sending me a written request by email with as many details as possible regarding the request.  Even a photo if the healing is for a third party who I do not know. I can then print out the email and place it into the Reiki Box.

So , following that idea, today I came up with a modern version of the Reiki Box which I love for a couple of very practical reasons.  Number one:  It saves paper!!  Always a concern in this day and age.  Secondly, I don’t have to carry anything additional around with me that I normally wouldn’t  .  So, what is this magical new idea which came to me?

Using any sort of digital device which is with you at all times these days (your IPad, IPhone, Galaxy etc., smartphone, or in my case my new tablet since MY smartphone is not all that smart!!)…   I simply set up a folder called Reiki Box, and collect in it all the requests.  They can be notes which I have handwritten on the notepad, or copies of emails people have sent to me, but without having to print any of them on actual paper.  And then of course, I simply Reiki the folder,same as I would the actual box.  It is so easy as these devices, especially the phone, is something which everyone now carries with them, and both energy and time saving as well.

Hope you like this idea….would love to hear your comments.  I still haven’t figured out how to move the folder from My Documents to the actual Home Page, but it is simple enough to access when I need it so no big deal.  If anyone out there knows how to put an icon for the folder on the Home Page, I’d love to hear from you. Mine is an android tablet if that helps

Happy digital reiki long distance healing to all!!  🙂


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…follow your heart!

A short story but a lovely one. About a month ago my phone rang, I answered, and on the other end a man’s voice asked if he could speak with Jane. He said his name is Z and he is calling from Moscow. Staying as cool as possible I said, “Yeeeeeessssssss…..?”. He asked if I teach Reiki and I replied that I do. He asked if I could do a workshop for just two people and I said, no problem. He asked if I could do it over a weekend and again I said no problem. He asked if he could reserve the weekend of July 11-12, and I checked and again my answer was no problem. He said he would be in Israel for a week and wants to do a workshop with his 27 year old daughter.

And then, and only then, did I ask how he got to me? Where did he get my phone number? He said that it was simple. He googled “Reiki Israel”, and my name came up first (I know this is true as I’ve tried it myself in the past….). And so he called me, and that is the beginning of the story.

Seems that his daughter has been living in Israel with her Mother and step father for 18 years, as her parents divorced many years ago in Russia. Z., was remarried for many years with another family in Moscow where he is a successful businessman, and he was coming to Israel to visit her and decided they would do a Reiki course together.

When I spoke to the daughter, she said that her father’s wife from Moscow, had actually done a Reiki course here when she came for a visit , and that she did it with one of the most well-known Reiki Masters here in Israel. But she could not do just the two of them (Z. and the daughter – she generally does large groups) and also not at the time convenient for them, so Z. decided to find someone else, and it was ME he found!

Well, they DID come and we spent a lovely weekend together. It was, as each Reiki Workshop is, unique, and the special relationship between these two people was very deeply felt in the energies present in the room when they were together. I still did not know much about them, very little as a matter of fact, so on the second day, when we took a lunch break, I gently began asking questions, and the first question I asked was “How often do you get to see each other?”. To my surprise, they said once a month!! I commented that this was more than many fathers see their daughters if they are divorced from the Mother. And to make such a long journey to do this seemed amazing to me…so here is the full story in short.

Until about 5 months ago, they had not seen each other over 20 years! The daughter barely remembered him and the only things she really knew about him were what her Mother had bitterly told her over all the past years. But about a year ago she decided that she wanted to make contact with him, but fearing his rejection, she put it off each time she felt like doing it. It was simple to actually find him, as she just googled his name in Russian, and because he is a successful businessman and lecturer, his name and details came up over and over again. So she had his phone number, and one day just got the courage to place the call, almost certain that he would hang up when he heard her voice. To her great relief and surprise, he was overjoyed, if somewhat cautious, to hear from her. I asked HIM how he felt when he heard her on the phone and he said, in his broken English that “it was the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life!!”. So both of them received a lovely surprise, and since then, have made the effort to see each other either here or in Moscow, once a month, and just get to know each other from a new place, without prejudices from the past interfering.

They seem to be doing extremely well and look so lovely together. It is truly inspiring to see what beautiful things we can find if we truly listen to our heart’s desire, to what our soul is telling us to do. Without fear, move ahead, take the leap, be adventurous, and trust that you will never be misled if you truly listen to that loving Inner Voice, your Higher Self, your soul, your Divine guidance, whatever you want to call it.

I would love to share their pictures with you, but of course that is impossible, but they truly look so loving and content with their newfound relationship. It is sooooooooo beautiful to see and it was my great privilege to bring them one step closer through Reiki.

Much light, love and joy to all

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It has been quite a long time since I have posted anything here and I ask for your understanding. Many things have been happening in my life since my return just two months ago from India, and I will be posting more often now, hopefully giving you all much food for thought. What I am attaching here is a story I received from a participant in one of my Reiki I workshops designed especially for Conventional Health Care Professionals to allow them to facilitate the use of Reiki in their hospitals and clinical settings. This participant was probably the MOST skeptical person I have ever had in any workshop I’ve ever given, so when I received her letter, it was even more moving for me. She is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), and BPharm MSc. She has given me permission to translate the letter from the original Hebrew and to share it with the world. (more…)

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How Reiki Found ME!
This story goes back some way to around 1998 when I began working in a Hi-Tech Company, and one of the computer engineers was called Nicky. I had actually heard of Reiki before that but never had any interest in finding out exactly what it was or what it did. It had always just sounded to me like one of those “in fashion” New Age things that people were talking about, and held no real interest for me. I had become involved in alternative medicine, and alternative ways of dealing with life in general, but it was all in very down-to-earth practical ways-as I had always been a practical, down-to-earth “I’ve got to see it to believe it” kind of person.
At one point, Nicky and I began talking and he seemed an interesting, albeit slightly strange kind of person. But the more we spoke, the more I began to enjoy speaking with him. Something about his “energies” (would not have described it as such in those days I’m sure) attracted me. I don’t remember the exact sequence of events, but at some point, I was not feeling well at work, and he offered to help me. Had no idea what he was talking about but we went into a quiet room and I sat on a chair and he began “doing” something to me while my eyes were closed and I was relaxing. (I had already been doing meditation and yoga for many years so relaxing was not a problem for me). At some point I felt myself just “collapsing” from being so relaxed and he had to catch me before I literally slid sideways off the chair. Later, I began coughing terribly but when that was over, I felt fine. No more headache and fluey feeling. He explained that he had “done” Reiki on me, and I guess that was the first time I began wondering about what this Reiki business was. There were many times when the computers would have glitches, and Nicky would just walk pass, run his hands over them and they would be fine. Really weird. (It wasn’t until years later, that I found myself rebooting my computer a couple of times and even fixing an electrical problem in a friend’s car which got stuck about 1 hour away from the nearest garage in India by using Reiki all by myself!!)
And then the clincher, for me at least.
The company was doing clinical trials and they would bring these cute little piglets to do the trials on…and one arrived in a sort of pen one day and was quite frantic and running around from side to side etc. It was very sad to see. Nicky came down, together with another fellow worker who didn’t believe at all in all this “healing nonsense”. Nicky held out his hands in the direction of the piglet, and slowly, in front of our eyes, first the hind quarters of the piglet dropped in complete relaxation, and a minute later, his upper body dropped as well and he went straight to sleep! When they came down to use the piglet for testing some kind of instrument, nothing worked right as it seems that there were certain physiological changes in the pigs systems which did not allow the instrumentation to record what it had to correctly.
Nicky was eventually fired!!
But, after that, I began having more serious discussions with him and at some point he suggested I begin reading the Kryon channelings, – claiming they would give me a big jump forward in my spiritual development. I did, and they did!!
Shortly after that, I did Reiki I with Nicky, and following that, was directed towards Bach Flower Therapy which I became certified in, followed by a year of Energy Healing Studies including Color Therapy. While studying healing, I met Daniella, another Reiki Master, and did my Reiki II training with her.
And then my whole life began to change. Long long story short – at the age of 54, I left my job, went off to India and “by chance” met Akhilesh, Yoga and Reiki Master. (I was eating lunch at Nick’s Restaurant in McLeod, Dharamsala, when a lady asked if it would be OK if she joined me. And we began talking, and she started telling me about her learning Reiki I and II with this amazing person….and one thing led to another). I became a Reiki Master under his guidance over a very intense, 4 hours daily for 3 months sojourn with him. I will write about the experience perhaps at a further date.
I began doing full Reiki treatments to myself each day, and over a period of time very subtle, but enormous life changing events began stringing themselves together for me. I have not been the same since then, and each new day brings new marvels of Universal direction, guidance and loving balance into my life.
And now that you know how I became a Reiki Master, in short, I will go on to explain more about what this thing called Reiki is. In the next posting.
Much love and light to all of you

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This post is long overdue, but everything happens exactly as it is meant to and in the most suitable time frame, so a little background as to the reasons for the delay, and how those reasons themselves add further clarity, strength and understanding to the whole concept of worry as we generally understand it.

Following a very difficult period, not only because of my Father’s passing (see my new blog for further details, updated postings etc.) In Memoriam, but also due to the new harsh reality of my Mother’s financial situation and the need to find new living arrangements for her, the whole concept of “Just for Today I will not worry” was put to the supreme test.

There were some shaky moments to be sure, very shaky actually, but the constant use of Reiki, meditation and prayer have proven themselves once again. It took some time, more than my problematic impatience could stand at moments, but things are slowly working their way out in ways of course that I could never imagine.

Which is all part of it! Let GO and let GOD! Don’t worry about the “how’s”. Don’t set limits as to how the solution will present itself. Just know that …”when we release our needs and prayers to the universe without strings attached, the heavens take care of coordinating the outcome.”…”Look upon everything from the end of (your) prayer onward as having a part to play in the answer to your prayer…” (Caroline Myss, Invisible Acts of Power).

Hopefully the following will give you a deeper understanding of the principle…”just for today I will not worry”…and I am sure my own personal involvement over the past few months precisely with this principle, was not by chance. Nothing Is. It was all meant to give more depth and concrete understanding to me before presenting it here to you.

My Father passed away on Octber 16th, following almost 6 months of a difficult and lingering death, during which time (more…)

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Reiki, and its effects, are cumulative. Done on a regular, continuing basis, it will keep dis-ease from developing, and if it has already developed, will remove it at the source.

If you begin a series of 3 consecutive treatments, the first one simply leaves you with a feeling of complete relaxation, as it is beginning to remove blockages by removing their source, which is very frequently, stress. (Some estimate [The American Institute of stress for example], that 95% of doctors visits are stress related). Releasing stress, hence the relaxed feeling after a Reiki treatment.

If you continue, the second consecutive treatment the following day brings those issues being addressed to the surface and the third begins the true detoxification and removal of the issues which are causing the blockages, and could lead to disease, or have already precipitated disease.

If you do just one treatment, the initial results, removal of stress, are the same, but the cumulative effects take much longer to achieve as compared to consecutive daily treatments.

Many people cannot allow themselves the luxury of several daily treatments, logistically or financially and so at best, do a treatment once a week or even less frequently, as conditions allow.

Therefore, learning Reiki yourself is the ultimate way of maintaining good health and preventing disease, as well as relieving chronic conditions which you may already suffer from.

See the next post for a series of Reiki stories from people who have recently done Reiki I workshops with me.

If you would like to receive further information by e-mail, just write to me.

My best wishes to you and your family for the New Year. Much good health, prosperity, peace and tranquility, balance and harmony, patience and understanding, and most important, love and laughter.


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Reiki Stories

Just a collection of stories from people who recently did Reiki I workshops with me.

Just about a month ago I taught a Reiki I Workshop to a small group of professional health care providers who work in both private clinic and hospital settings. Needless to say they were quite skeptical of the practical applications of Reiki, but decided to see if it could facilitate the work with their patients, and gave the workshop a try.

Little did they suspect the impact it would have on themselves personally or on their families. I will not share any patient feedbacks here to respect their privacy, but I have permission to share the following short stories with you in the hope that others will try Reiki for themselves and their families as well

So here are firstly some stories from these participants : (without names of course)


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