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Just wanted to share this lovely photo post reminding us of the blessings all around us and the joys of Mindfulness

Not In India

The blessings of Nature are with us everywhere

Being Mindful is all it takes to receive them.

What could have been a boring, humdrum visit to the bank to check financing for a car, turned into a sight for the eyes and food for the soul. Just because I am “not in India” this year, doesn’t mean there are not wonders to see on my daily walks around town! How blessed I am!  You can Click on the Thumbnails at the End of this Post to see more photos of my days mindfulness outing…just click on each one to enlarge and move on to the next in order.

Mindfulness is a simple way to bring this JOY into our lives every moment of every day.

Be Mindful

Be Grateful

Be Joyful

with Love, Light and JOY

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Just a reminder about the joys of mindfulness I wanted to share with those of you who are not following my new blog, so reposting this here. with love light and JOY

Not In India

Mindfulness Walking – A Reminder

The winter here this year has been very long and very difficult, (and remember, it is my first time in 6 years that I am NOT IN INDIA at this time of the year), although we have been blessed with much rain which we desperately need here in Israel, and of course, we are all grateful for this.

After almost 2 weeks of rain, cold, storm and wind, this afternoon the sun finally re-appeared and blue skies were seen.  And going out for a walk was a true necessity.  Taking my 20 month old granddaughter with me, I joyfully left the house.

I was so enjoying the warmth of the sun and the fresh air that I was not truly walking mindfully as I usually try to do.

But I was instantly reminded to do just that by my granddaughter bringing my attention to the…

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