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It’s all moving forward according to (Divine) Plan

Practical Inspiration is the name of a new series of eBooks I am creating and which will be released over the next few months.  The first will deal with Manifesting Reality and the Role of Faith…so, how did this all come about? Here is the full story!

Manifesting our reality is something I’ve been writing about here for quite some time.  There are many individual steps along the way and all are important parts towards realizing the final outcome…many previous posts have shown how these steps, when put into practice,move us further along the journey…focused and crystal clear intentions, positive thoughts and words, knowing the proper way to meditate/pray on our goals, the essence of our dreams, releasing and leaving the “how’s” to Higher Powers,  and the true belief that all our prayers are answered in the BEST possible way and at the BEST possible time, and of course “hearing” the messages we are given in answer to these prayers.  Bringing us to the most important “ingredient” of all:  FAITH…and the patience and understanding to lovingly experience ALL things in complete acceptance, joy and freedom from fear. Remember the idea that you can have FEAR or FAITH – not both!

And when it all comes together, as it always does in the end, I still find myself looking at the moment in complete amazement.

The two issues I have been working on intensely over the past few years have been abundance/prosperity and more recently, the last 10 months are so particularly intensely, my soul mate.

Well, it seems that one was dependent on the other, and only when the time was right for both of these things to manifest in my life,  could they actually come into reality.  And apparently, until now, I was not completely ready for my soul mate (although from what he says, he has been trying to get my attention for over a year and I never seemed to notice him!)…again, timing is of utmost importance in manifestation.

I have felt completely and totally open and receptive however, for the past few months, but because of family issues, was not free to enter this new reality.  And three weeks ago, like magic, everything fell into place.

Not only did I “meet” this wonderful person, who I have actually known “of” for a few years, but along with him, came the idea of the eBooks which will bring my prosperity ever closer.  He is not only the “boy next door” (he lives around the corner), but also dances folkdancing and still manages to be a lovely, gentle kind and understanding man, shops at the same organic shop as I do (meaning similar awareness and understanding of life styles), but he also works with computers and has started up his own online shopping website which is just taking off.  And from HIS own experience of the last couple of years, and after seeing my blog and the things I have been writing for so many years, the idea of MY becoming involved in virtual marketing and publishing was born. I will be using all the enormous amount of writings I have been publishing on my blogs for 10 years, organizing them into topics, editing them suitably and slowly publishing a series of eBooks with simple and practical inspiration articles and easy-to-follow guides and all those topics I have touched upon over the years – the first will be about manifesting reality and the role of Faith, and others will include books on the power of forgiveness, mindfulness, meditation and prayer, reiki and reiki principles in daily life, working with angels, and more. And with his technical AND emotional support, I know I will be able to bring this project to fruition.

I now have a partner, in more ways than I ever imagined, and it truly proves that if we don’t limit the Universe in our manifestation process, we will always receive something far better than we ever could have imagined for ourselves.

It is all still brand new, newborn if you wish, but as infants grow and thrive when we give them all the love and attention they need, I know that this beautiful new reality will thrive and grow bringing a whole new “dream come true” into my life.

With much gratitude to  God and Universe, the angels and Higher Powers for all the blessings in my life

and with love light and JOY to you



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