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So, you know I’ve been guided to choose a random post each day and somehow am supposed to be posting to Facebook. Still working on understanding that!
However, the past two days I began choosing a random post myself by looking at the categories on my blog’s sidebar and intuitively choosing something.
Just now, I was browsing through my own blog’s home page and came across a tab on the top called “blog Info” with a drop down tab. Never even noticed it before. Clicked the drop down arrow, and what is the first item of choice available? You guessed it:
RANDOM POST!. I clicked it and was taken to a post which was already chosen for me for reasons only the Higher Powers would know. Pretty much like choosing a random card from the deck to received the necessary message at the moment.
So everything has been taken care of for me in this new venture, and I will keep you updated. If you are curious which random post came up now – here it is:

Prayers and Answers

With love light and JOY


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It is quite obvious to everyone who follows this blog that there ARE no coincidences. Only beautiful synchronicities which occur when we need to know something, or do something, or understand something, or simply need some encouragement during difficult days. They are loving messages from the Source.
This morning I woke up with diarrhea (HIGHLY unusual for me – the opposite being more my usual situation), and was quite surprised. I haven’t eaten anything unusual lately, and figured it was something which needed cleansing for some reason. Wasn’t concerned about it, just curious.
It is now this afternoon, still “running”, and sat down to randomly read my blog again, as directed previously. Below is the nitty-gritty of the post I chose:

This morning, … I felt an extremely powerful physical presence on my right side, which to me is always the place where I feel Archangel Michael’s presence. As he is the Archangel who, among other things, removes negativity and cleanses, the following message which I received makes perfect sense coming from him:

You are being completely cleansed in preparation for the next phase of your life. Be prepared for surprises!!!

Short but sweet, …simply an affirmation from Higher Sources that wonderful and exciting things await me. I am truly blessed !!

After the Tarot reading the other day, this is just another form of affirmation and encouragement for me –
I am truly blessed to be cared for so lovingly by the Angels, God and the Universe.

Have a great day

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It has been quite some time since I’ve been here, and I will not try right now to bring this blog up to date with the events of the past 6 months or so…that I will do my best to accomplish over the next few weeks.
But yesterday, during my morning meditation, I was given the following guidance/message: “Start reading your blog randomly, on a daily basis, and begin posting to Facebook”!. Don’t quite understand the Facebook part but this evening I DID open my blog and begin to choose random posts.
The second one I chose was this:

Soul Mate and Tarot

After reading this post, I remembered a very recent reading I did for myself, just about 2 weeks ago, (on May 12th to be precise) which once again found me dealing with the issue of finding my soul mate. I thought it would be interesting to share it here as it is so similar to the previous one dealing with the same issue, from December 19, 2009. I continue to put my efforts into bringing this vision into reality, but there are times when my patience fail me and I need further support and encouragement. Which is precisely what happened here….

You can see the cards I chose 5 months ago by going to the link above. And here, with their message, are the cards I chose 2 weeks ago!. I was urged to check the cards during my morning meditation, right after realizing that May 12th is my father’s birthday (he passed away 3 1/2 years ago, but is still with me). I wished him a happy birthday and in reply he said to me: “It is now YOUR turn! – MAKE IT WORK!” (yes, he was shouting a little)…not quite understanding what he was referring to, I then followed the guidance I was given and opened the cards. Here they are:
LAXSHMI- BRIGHT FUTURE: Stop worrying-everything is going to be fine
MOTHER MARY – EXPECT A MIRACLE: Have Faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered
ABUNDANTIA-PROSPERITY: The Universe is pouring its abundance out to you – be open to receiving

ISABELLA: Yes, the timing is right for this new venture – a happy outcome follows your positive expectations
ARCHANGEL URIEL: Your emotions are healing which enables you to open to greater love
CARESSA: You are at the end of a cycle in your life. Happiness awaits you now

And an extra card which fell out of the deck by itself:
ISAIAH: It is a good time to give birth to new ideas and situations in your life – I am watching over you, guiding you and protecting you during these changes.

Some of you may understand the cards as referring to a new business adventure, a new course of study, moving to a new home, finding a new job etc., but for me, this is just further affirmation that my moving forward in every way possible towards coming together with my soul mate, is precisely what I should be doing at this point in time.

Love light and JOY to all

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