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With love from Rishikesh, India

Creating Reality and Contentment

Messages and Understanding


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I will try to make this as short and to the point as possible before getting to the main reason for this post. You will simply need some recent background information to give you any sort of understanding about what I am writing about.

I have been struggling for years, for probably most of my life, a completely irrational fear of being alone in the dark in a place I am not familiar with mainly(not sleeping in the dark because then I would be in my own familiar bed and so this never frightened me). Not only in the dark, but even traveling alone to a new place, a place I’d never been before, was always so frightening that it basically paralyzed me and limited by activities in many ways for many years. I had gotten to the point where I had completely stopped driving to new places in my car, and pre4tty much stopped going out at night unless someone came to pick me up.
How I traveled to India on my own is still a mystery which remains unsolved! I WAS overwhelmed with fear the first time I did it, but I did it!

After returning from India last Spring, I had decided to tackle

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Blink Instead of Think – Food for Thought

A book entitled Blink by Malcolm Gladwell was given to me by a clienbt/friend (S) sometime last year. I took a quick look at it but decided this was pretty much stuff which I already knew and having no real inclination to read it at the time, put it aside. Several months later I returned it to S unread when we met at our monthly healing circle. After I returned it to her, I introduced her to another client/student/friend of mine (D)as I thought the two of them would hit if off as friends.
During this introduction, the D mentioned to me that a very interesting book was just given to her by someone, and by “chance” S had mentioned the same book to her. The name of the book was Blink. Well, OK, two people, both talking about this same book, after I had returned it unread. Might just be worth a second thought, I thought. And so decided that when I got to India, and had time, I would look for it in the bookshops and check it out more closely.

A few weeks later, at the next healing circle, I was just about to tell S how funny it was that D had also just read the book and also mentioned it to me, and that I would look for it in India, when I saw, sitting in front of me on the floor, the book Blink!! Well, this was getting to be too much. Seems when I returned it the previous month to S at the healing circle, someone else asked to borrow it and had just returned it to her. So of course she said, “well take it now with you to India”. Still not sure if I wanted to do that, but beginning to understand that I was being told in no uncertain terms by the Universe that I must read this and find the messages meant for me which were contained somewhere in the book.

I took it home and set about immediately plowing through it, (which is the best way I could describe it as I found it not of interest at all, but realized something was definitely hidden somewhere in its pages which I had to find), hoping to finish it before I left in 2 weeks for India.

And then, on the third day, the messages simply jumped out at me. They were first and foremost affirmations for me that the new energy I had learned recently to use, Matrix Energetics, was indeed something I had to pursue, but the message referred to any form of healing, and actually, to anything we do in our daily life.

He was writing at that point about improvisation actors and how they work (pp. 116-117), and what he says is, a followed slightly paraphrased: The rule of spontaneity is that no suggestion can be denied. Accept all offers made.

And this is how true healing works. By hearing and accepting the suggestions which come to us during a healing session-Having so expectations but being aware of every sensation or picture or “knowing” we receive and then moving forward with them. Nothing is scripted. We have no idea what will happen but we must commit to accepting all offers, must commit to agreeing to follow all suggestions.

Think about the above. It is very profound and applies to every aspect of our lives, not just to healing.

And the final message, so succinct and yet so profound:


Instead of thinking and analyzing each intuitive thing which flows to us, just DO. Move out of your head…and get moving!

None of the above is new or innovative, but it is said so concisely that it was worth moving through the entire book for these two things. There are no coincidences. Messages are sent to us all the time, we just have to willing to hear them and open to accepting them.


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