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Reiki Questions- FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do people use Reiki for?

People use Reiki for a variety of reasons since the energy heals on an emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical level. Some people use Reiki during very emotional or stressful times, so that they are able to focus or think with more clarity and to maintain balance in their lives. Reiki is a wonderful tool to use as a support to therapy or counseling. Reiki can provide the emotional healing that needs to take place to eliminate destructive patterns and heal past traumas, and to give us the needed energy to let go of things that are no longer contributing positively in our life.
Others use Reiki as a means to manage (more…)


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Reiki, and its effects, are cumulative. Done on a regular, continuing basis, it will keep dis-ease from developing, and if it has already developed, will remove it at the source.

If you begin a series of 3 consecutive treatments, the first one simply leaves you with a feeling of complete relaxation, as it is beginning to remove blockages by removing their source, which is very frequently, stress. (Some estimate [The American Institute of stress for example], that 95% of doctors visits are stress related). Releasing stress, hence the relaxed feeling after a Reiki treatment.

If you continue, the second consecutive treatment the following day brings those issues being addressed to the surface and the third begins the true detoxification and removal of the issues which are causing the blockages, and could lead to disease, or have already precipitated disease.

If you do just one treatment, the initial results, removal of stress, are the same, but the cumulative effects take much longer to achieve as compared to consecutive daily treatments.

Many people cannot allow themselves the luxury of several daily treatments, logistically or financially and so at best, do a treatment once a week or even less frequently, as conditions allow.

Therefore, learning Reiki yourself is the ultimate way of maintaining good health and preventing disease, as well as relieving chronic conditions which you may already suffer from.

See the next post for a series of Reiki stories from people who have recently done Reiki I workshops with me.

If you would like to receive further information by e-mail, just write to me.

My best wishes to you and your family for the New Year. Much good health, prosperity, peace and tranquility, balance and harmony, patience and understanding, and most important, love and laughter.


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Reiki Stories

Just a collection of stories from people who recently did Reiki I workshops with me.

Just about a month ago I taught a Reiki I Workshop to a small group of professional health care providers who work in both private clinic and hospital settings. Needless to say they were quite skeptical of the practical applications of Reiki, but decided to see if it could facilitate the work with their patients, and gave the workshop a try.

Little did they suspect the impact it would have on themselves personally or on their families. I will not share any patient feedbacks here to respect their privacy, but I have permission to share the following short stories with you in the hope that others will try Reiki for themselves and their families as well

So here are firstly some stories from these participants : (without names of course)


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