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Had breakfast this morning with a very nice lady who I had briefly spoken to before and we were each telling each other what we did in “real life” and she was explaining that for the last year or so she has discovered she has the gift of a medium and has entities coming to here with messages for people. We were discussing this and some of the messages I’ve received lately as well for other people, when all of a sudden she looked at me funny and said someone just came to talk to me!

First she just described her…an old crone, long white hair, walking stick, looks like a wise woman (I suggested medicine woman and she agreed). Says she is here to help me along the journey and that she has been with me for years now. Said that she was walking with me along the way until we came to the edge of a mountain, and for 6 years (!) I refused to go any further because of my fear. Then, the fear dissipated, and even though there was still a black cloud over me, I continued easily with her further along into the bright sunshine and the top of the mountain. (This would fit in just right with my first trip to India in 2001 when I KNEW I had to go in a new direction but fear sent me back to my hi-tech work and kept me away from truly serving…it is only now since I quit my job last August that I know for SURE I will never go back to that place again and only move forward to higher places ). But I can never stay long at the top and must always descend to continue learning new lessons before going further back up. And she will always be there to guide me if I let her. Even when I get to a quiet place, I will never be there long as there will always be new things to learn in order to go even further along the path.

She had a present of two doves for me (which represent lovebirds to me and I imagine deal with the new partner who is coming into my life soon…also had a powerful dream about my first meeting with him last night after my second Aura Transformation balancing)…and she also showed me an old, huge tree which to me represents, as trees always do, the stability of being rooting but still reaching for the heavens and continuing to grow in peace and tranquility.

She then said she would come talk to me personally, without using a medium, and I should just be open to hearing what she has to say to me…And then the lady I was eating with said she’d had enough and asked her to leave….

For me, this was very powerful as it made alot of sense. It’s been years now that I’ve felt a certain affinity for Native Americans and particularly for medicine women…and I think in some past life I must have been connected in some way. And this medicine woman is just a new guide who has come into my life recently to help me along the tricky path…She seemed very real to me when the lady described her, as if I already know her…and I now have the feeling that she is the one who sent the previous 2 messages from the trees I received in Rishikesh.

I will be open to the messages she is bringing me, and give thanks for the continued guidance and direction I receive almost daily these days.


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I am again sending a link to a post in my India Journal, as it brings home once more a profound message of how “things” work…

check out this link about a dream I had, and it’s obvious relationship to my beginning Aura Transformation tomorrow….

click here

Love and light

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I know I have been neglecting this blog, and you all have my apologies….but if you go to the link below, you can read something which I think belongs more here than on the India Blog, but it IS part of the journey in India, so I have published it there with

link for you to follow to read it.

As always, your comments are most appreciated and lovingly accepted.


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